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Restaurants in Hamburg

Restaurant Freudenhaus

Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 7-920359 Hamburg - St.PauliTel.: +49 (0)40 / 31 46 42

How to get there:Underground train line 2 from Hammer Kirche station (a ten-minute walk) heading toward St. Pauli (Reeperbahn). From St. Pauli station, it is about 5 minutes’ walk to the restaurant. Roughly a 30-minute ride from the hotel.

And here’s what you’ll find:Wholesome German cuisine. And that means much more than just frankfurters with potato salad. Ever since the restaurant opened, its specialities have included beef olives with dumplings, and Rote Gruetze, or red-fruit pudding. Can you ever have enough of it? Delicious for the not-so-hungry or as a starter is potato soup with horseradish and salmon. Or how about a dessert with the somewhat unusual name "Nonnenfürzchen" (nun’s fartlets) - let yourself be surprised! Incidentally, the menu changes regularly, partly depending on the season. Those who have only eaten at the Freudenhaus in winter will be amazed at the wide range of salads in summer. And delighted.

Feinkost Matzen

Süderstrasse 29620537 HamburgTel: +49 40 /21 41 40

How to get there:Turn left and left again out of the hotel, approx. 50 metres, about 2 minutes’ walk.

Here’s what you’ll find:Feinkost Matzen deli and snack bar is directly opposite the hotel. You can shop here and have a reasonably priced, tasty midday meal.


Ost-West-Strasse 4720457 HamburgTel: +49 (0)40 / 33 13 81

How to get there:No. 112 bus to Steinstrasse, continue with underground line U1 to Messberg (one stop). From Messberg station, continue approx. 200 m in the same direction as the train. About a 15 minute ride from the hotel.

And here’s what you’ll find:You’ll feel at home in Hamburg’s oldest private brewery. In Gröninger’s brewery cellar you can watch the brewers at work and get to know and love traditionally brewed beers. Any dish on the menu, ranging from tasty snacks and home-made specialities to a hearty plate of Bauernschmaus, consisting of sauerkraut, dumplings and various pork specialities, forms an excellent accompaniment to the highly quaffable Gröninger Pilsener. Cheers!

Hellas Pizza House

How to get there:
Turn right out of the hotel and walk along Borstelmannsweg to Eiffestrasse, about 6 minutes’ walk.

Here’s what you’ll find:AT Hellas Pizza House you’ll find a fusion of Italian and Greek cuisine. Hospitable service and an extensive menu at at reasonable prices mean it is not always easy to choose. Maybe you should go for one of the numerous delicious salads. Incidentally, you can order any dish for delivery to the hotel.

Historisches Gasthaus Anno 1750

Ost-West-Strasse 4720457 HamburgTel: +49 (0)40 / 33 00 70

How to get there:Bus No. 112 to Steinstrasse, contunue with underground line U1 to Messberg (one stop). From Messberg station, continue approx. 200 metres in the same direction as the train. About a 15-minute ride from the hotel.

And here’s what you’ll find:In the Historisches Gasthaus Anno 1750 restaurant you will enjoy top-quality typical Hamburg dishes. Crispy pork knuckle, hand-filleted Matjes herrings, seaman’s Labskaus and genuine Hamburg Rote Gruetze (red-fruit pudding). And savour a freshly brewed beer or two from the restaurant’s own brewery.

Restaurant Deichgraf

Deichstrasse 23 - Am Nicolaifleet20459 HamburgTel: +49 (0)40 / 36 42 08

How to get there:Underground line U3 from Hammer Kirche station (ten minutes’ walk), alight at Rödingsmarkt and walk approx. 200 metres to the restaurant. About 25 minutes’ journey from the hotel.

Here’s what you’ll find:Restaurant Deichgraf is one of Hamburg’s old-established restaurants. Deichstrasse in the vicinity of the port is one of the city’s oldest streets. You will love the style, the exquisite cuisine and the special atmosphere. A combination of genuine Hamburg and Hanseatic reserve.

Restaurant Korea

How to get there:
Turn right out of the hotel and walk along Borstelmannsweg to Eiffestrasse, turn left into Eiffestrasse and continue to the first major crossroads. About 15 minutes’ walk.

And here’s what you’ll find:Traditional Korean cuisine and outstanding service guarantee you a wonderful evening.Die gute deutsche Küche. Und die hat ja einiges mehr zu bieten als Würstchen mit Kartoffelsalat. Zu den Spezialitäten seit der Eröffnung des Freudenhauses gehören auf jeden Fall die Rouladen mit Klößen und die rote Grütze. Kann man davon je genug bekommen? Köstlich für den kleinen Appetit oder als Vorspeise: die Kartoffelsuppe mit Meerrettich und Lachs. Oder der Nachtisch mit dem aparten Namen "Nonnenfürzchen" - lassen Sie sich überraschen! Die Speisekarte wechselt übrigens immer mal wieder. Zum Beispiel je nach Jahreszeit: Wer das Freudenhaus nur im Winter kennt, wird sich über das große Salatangebot im Sommer wundern und freuen.

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